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How to hard reset Nook Tablet

I said you couldn’t find everything from the user manual for your Nook Tablet, one of the issue is the hard reset method, you can’t find out how to do factory reset on your Nook Tablet from the user guide, it just mentions soft reset if your tablet don’t response. That is very easy, just press and hold the power button for 20 seconds then release the power button, and then press the power button again for 2 seconds to turn on your Nook Tablet. It just reboot your device, nothing was changed on the tablet.

How to hard reset Nook Tablet

Then how to hard reset the Nook Tabley to factory default settings, it is also very easy, while it is a trick that the following words express.

Turn off the device completely, and then hold down power + “n” button at the same time, until you see the logo, It will go into a factory restore mode, and choose the option you want.

This is really a trick, I tried it on my Nook Tablet, it works like charm, and I am sure you need it.

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