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How to install android 2.2 on Velocity Cruz T301 tablet

Do your Velocity Cruz T301 tablet still run android 2.0, now you can update your tablet from android 2.0 to android 2.2 froyo OS. Here I will show you how to install the new firmware update on your tablet. This android 2.2 update doesn’t support adobe flash, what’s more, you need to save more than 2GB space on storage card to make sure there are enough space to install the update.

How to install android 2.2 on Velocity Cruz T301 tablet

To get the firmware update for Velocity Cruz T301 tablet , first of all, you must download the update file. You can download the file here of course. Then follow the install guide to apply the firmware update on your tbalet.

Velocity Cruz T301 tablet firmware update download:

Velocity Cruz T301 tablet android 2.2 update install guide:

1. Insert a standard SD card into your computer’s media reader.
2. Download the ZIP file referenced below and save it to the root of the SD card, not in any folder.
3. Do not extract the contents of the ZIP file, leave it as a ZIP archive.
4. Do not rename the file. Do not allow your browser to change the name of the file. If necessary, change it back.
5. With the Cruz Reader powered off, press and hold the volume up button (keep holding), then press and hold the power button at the same time.
6. Keep holding both buttons, the screen will read CRUZ first, and then the Android robot and software package icons will appear on the screen with a progress bar.
7. You may now release the buttons and allow the process to complete.
8. When done, the Cruz load will reappear and the unit should then load normally.

The update process may cause data loss. So you’d better back up useful data on Velocity Cruz T301 tablet before you apply the firmware update. If there are something wrong with the update process, try this work again. Hope you can get the andrid 2.2 update successfully.

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