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How to reset Archos 70 internet tablet

When your Archos 70 internet tablet is responseless, what should you do? If you are searching for the way to solve this problem, you come to the right place, the best way is to reset Archos 70. Here I will offer the way to perform hard reset on your tablet.-Archos 70 tablet info

How to reset Archos 70 internet tablet

If you decide to do hard reset on Archos 70 internet tablet, all settings will be returned to default settings. All data won’t be deleted while reset process, just to be on the safe sides, I suggest you back up important information first.

tablets tips and tricks-Hard reset Archos 70 internet tablet:

In the event that your Archos 70 freezes operation, you can force the device to shut down by holding the Power button for 10 seconds.

If the touch-screen is not responding properly on Archos 70 internet tablet, you can execute a touch-screen recalibration by doing a System Recovery as per the next section. After resetting your tablet, the problem is solved easily.

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