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How to reset Dell Streak 7

If you encounter some probem while using Dell Streak 7, or your tablet runs shower than normal, you can reset your tablet. You can perform soft reset and hard reset on Dell Streak 7. A soft reset clears and shuts down all active programs. It is very simple. -Dell Streak 7 tablet info

How to reset Dell Streak 7

To perform soft reset on Dell Streak 7, you only need to press and hold the Power key at the top of the tablet, then tap Power off, press and hold the Power key again to turn the tablet back on. Now I introduce the way to do a hard reset your tablet.

tablets tips and tricks-Hard reset via settings on Dell Streak 7:

1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Scroll to and tap Privacy.
4. Tap Factory data reset.
5. Tap Reset tablet.
6. Tap Erase everything.

Hard reset via buttons on Dell Streak 7:

1. Save any open files, and back up all necessary data on the internal memory.
2. Open the SIM card and memory card slot cover.
NOTE: Next to the SIM card slot you will see a pinhole
3. Stick a thin rod into the pinhole to press the Reset button.

Choose the right way to reset Dell Streak 7. After resetting tablet, you will find it runs quickly as before.

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