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How to Sync gmail on Amazon Kindle Fire

As you are Amazon Kindle Fire user who are using an android tablet, you must have a gmail account, because without the gamil account, you can’t get access to the market to download applications. And of course the gmail is also a social application which you can’t live without it, you want to keep in touch with your gmail contacts on your tablet. so you have to know how to sync gmail on your Amazon Kindle Fire, in order to get the letter as soon as it was sent to you.

How to Sync gmail on Amazon Kindle Fire

I found someone have trouble in doing this, so I want to share this trick with you. There are two ways to set gmail sync on Amazon Kindle Fire. The first method is to use a application named “syncsettings.apk” which you can download it from the market, it gives you shortcuts to sync gmail settings.

If you don’t want to install app to your Amazon Kindle Fire memory for adding just one function, here is the other way. Just Open the gmail app > Menu > Accounts (do not select anything yet) > Menu ->Account settings. You can find the option to sync your gmail on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

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