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HTC Flyer tablet PC Sync and driver download

To sync HTC Flyer tablet with computer, you must download the PC Sync and driver on your computer. HTC released the lastest HTC Sync to all users. Maybe you are the first time to use HTC products, you can download the HTC Sync to your computer, then install it on your computer, the PC Sync and driver will be installed too. After you install the driver for your HTC Flyer tablet, you can connect your tablet to computer.- HTC Flyer tablet info

HTC Flyer tablet PC Sync and driver download

If you find some useful files on your computer such as mp3 and videos, you need to connect your HTC Flyer tablet to computer using USB cable, then you can transfer favorite files from computer to your tablet. You can enjoy music or watch movies on your tablet on the go.

HTC Flyer tablet PC Sync and driver download:


Install the HTC Sync on your computer for your HTC Flyer tablet. You can sync your tablet to computer later. It is really very useful!

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